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Different inquiry about NPK Compound Fertilizer Production in Yemen

Inquiry for a 1 ton per hour NPK Compound Fertilizer Production Line in Yemen

Hi dear npc, we need to make npk fertilizer with materials: phosphate rock, coal. We nee to buy a 1 ton npk plant. Hello, I was hoping to provide me with the right types of equipment for making NPK fertilizer, The raw materials are phosphate rock, coal, and what is the process used to produce NPK fertilizer.

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Technical Proposals from our factory for npk production in Yemen

Based on this Yemen’s customers inquiry, we recommend our 1t per hour pan granulation line for his compound fertilizer production project in Yemen. The main equipment of this npk manufacturing line include: fertilizer crusher, fertilizer batching machine, rotary drum screener, pan granulator, dryer drum, fertilizer cooler, fertilizer packaging machine and the belt conveyor. Need to detailed solutions from us for such a npk fertilizer plant? Welcome gets free quote now!

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Inorganic Fertilizer Production Line and NPK Blending Production Line Inquiry  in Yemen

Hi we need to set up an organic fertilizer factory. We need to make organic fertilizer from raw Materials like:Animal and plant wast product with capacity per day:50tone to 100tone. t’s a good opportunity to have a chance chatting with you. I’m looking for machine that are involved or used in inorganic fertilizer production line and NPK blending production line* (Granules and Powder).

From Raw materials crushing, grinding to compost turning, screening and then into granulations, drying cooling and final screening .

If you feel like you can help me find best machines that will ensure quailty of our final product.


  • We plan to build up two lines one for inorganic fertilizer and one NPK.
  • Each must have the capacity of production not less than 3 tone/hour
  • Granules size from SGN 80 – 100 (The highest particle per square inch (PPSI) at 60-70 PPSI. SGN 80 (.80 mm homogeneous ). To SGN 200+ (2.2 mm)

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Technical Solutions for inorganic fertilizer production and npk blending fertilizer manufacturing in Yemen

This customer in Yemen need to buy two complete sets of fertilizer production lines for his project in Yemen. Each production lines need to have the production capacity of not less than 3 ton per hour. As for the raw materials for inorganic and npk blend fertilizer production, customers raw materials are mainly animal and plant waste by product, the customer need to compost the organic materials first.

Then, for inorganic fertilizer production, the customer needs to add inorganic npk materials to the composted organic wastes. Next, customer can make inorganic fertilizer granules easily. For such inorganic fertilizer production line 3t-5t per hour, we equip dewatering machines, windrow turners, vertical crushers, horizontal mixers, drum granulators, compost screeners, etc. While for another fertilizer production line, the customer needs to blend different types of npk granules for bb fertilizer production in Yemen.

Thus, we recommend our 3 to 8 ton per hour bulk blending fertilizer production line for his npk plant project in Yemen. The 3t to 8ton per hour npk blending fertilizer plant mainly include bb fertilizer mixers, belt conveyors, and fertilizer bagging equipment.

Inquiry for NPK Fertilizer Granulating System in Yemen

Inquiry for NPK Fertilizer granulating system

Hi dear npc

Kindly you are  requested to quote us your best price with the best of delivery time to CIF Yemen for the complete system 10 tons/hour

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10 tons per hour rotary drum granulation plant for customers npk production project business in Yemen

This Yemen customer need a 10 tons per hour fertilizer production for his npk industry project. This is medium capacity fertilizer production line for compound fertilizer manufacturing in Yemen. Thus, we provide technical proposals for a 10t per hour rotary drum granulation plant for his npk fertilizer production business in Yemen. Equipped this drum granulation production line for his project in Yemen, the customer will produce 200t npk granules per day. Then, he will produce 60,000 ton per year compound fertilizer granules in a year with the 300 working days.

Inquiry for a 10000 tons per year npk fertilizer production line  in Yemen

Dear, hearing department,

I represent a local company operating in Yemen. We are intending to purchase a 10000 tons/year NPK Fertilizer Production Line from your industry.

However, there are some concerns that need to be addressed:

  • 1- what is the price of the NPK Fertilizer Production Line with capacity of 10000 tons/year?
  • 2- what is the feed materials status (poweder, granules, rocks or liquid)?
  • Thanks in advance,

I am interested to find your response as soon as possible.

What technical support and proposals do we supply for our customers compound fertilizer project in Yemen?

This Yemen customer need a npk granulation line with 10000 ton per year. As for this, we recommend him buy a npk fertiliser production plant 3t/h.

This will fully meet his npk production requirements in Yemen. The 3tong per hour npk manufacturing line include complete sets of machines from different ratio npk raw materials mix, granulate to package. While the detailed price of the 10000 tons per year npk production line, if customers need to know, and arrange the budget for your budget for your own project, customers can contact us. However, fot he feed materials for the npk fertilizer production, usually in fine powder form for npk granulation process, liquids will be added for wet granulation process. For more detailed quotations, welcome inquiry us now.

50.000 ton productiom line for NPK from A to Z Inquiry from our customer in Yemen

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We planning to start manufacture fertilizers , i have found your company in website

  • We need production line for NPK from A to Z
  • Kindly send to me your catalog also need details for each machine
  • About raw materials we will start buy from china , capacity 50.000 ton
  • We also plan to extract raw materials from the local land, but I need to know what machines are required for that

We are one of biggest and oldest companies in yemen work in fertilizers and pesticides

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Project proposals for npk fertilizer production plan in Yemen

For this customers npk fertilizer production project in Yemen, we recommend an 8 tons per hour drum granulation line for his project plan. We have complete sets of machines can help our customer make npk granules from A to Z. From raw materials pretreatment to final npk fertilizer granules bagging. For more detailed solutions, welcome connect with us now!

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