Solid Liquid Separator for Sale

    • Weight (KG): 250
    • Core Components: Motor
    • Use: Animal waste processing
    • Voltage: Customized
    • Pump power: 3kw
    • Purpose: liquid and solid separation
    • Main power: 5.5kw
    • Handling capacity: 7-30m3 per hour
    • Weight: 150-500kg
    • Size of machine: Customized
    • Certification: SGS ISO CE

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Solid liquid separator mainly used for organic manure dewatering in the organic fertilizer production process. There are two kinds of fertilizer dewatering machines in our factory are quite popular sale among our customers fertilizer production lines. They are screw press dewatering machine and the inclined manure separation machine.

Solid Liquid Separator for bio-organic fertilizer production process

The screw type separator can dewater 3 to 8 m³ fresh manures in one hour. It is quite popular for small to medium scale fertilizer plants. While the inclined type solid liquid separation machine can process 20 to 50 m³ fresh manure, especially the pig manure per hour. For large capacity fertilizer manufacturing lines, buying this one will be better.

Screw Press Solid Liquid Separator for Sale

The screw press solid-liquid separator is a kind of livestock and poultry manure, medicinal residue and wine residue dewatering machine. It can separate pig manure, duck manure, cattle manure, chicken manure and other livestock manure raw water into liquid organic fertilizer and solid organic fertilizers. Buying this manure separation machine for your fertilizer plant, you can turn fresh manure into powder manure with in 40% to 65% moisture content. It’s will be better for the next fermentation or composting process. In the screener of the manure dewatering machine, we use stainless steel to let you use it for a long time.

Solid Liquid Separator for Sale
Solid Liquid Separator for Sale

Technical Data for the Manure Screw Press Dewatering Machine

Inclined Solid Liquid Manure Dewatering Equipment for Sale

The inclined type organic manure separation machine is applicable to dispose fresh manures with 80% or more water contents. For example, water flushing manure, blisters manure, biogas digester biogas slurry, etc.

Inclined Solid Liquid Manure Dewatering Equipment
Inclined Solid Liquid Manure Dewatering Equipment

Why to buy this one for your large capacity manure fertilizer plant?

  1. Long service lifetime.The whole manure separation equipment is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, which makes you use it for a long time.
  2. High quality manufacturing in wearing parts.The filter is 304 stainless steel wedge-shaped filter, which is anti-clogging.
  3. Large processing capacity, up to 20-50 cubic meters per hour, suitable for large capacity organic fertilizer plants.
  4. High working performance in dewatering. The material is dehydrated twice and the first-stage high-frequency vibration reduces the water content of the solid material to a minimum.

Inclined type manure dewatering machine technical specifications

Model  XSTS-1  XSTS-2
 Power(KW)  4.4  5.2
 Manufacturering Material Stainless-steel  Stainless-steel


 Volage(V)  380  380
 Length(mm)  2000  2400
 Width(mm)  1300  1300
Height(mm)  1500  1500
 Diameter of sewage outlet after separation (mm)  160  160
 Inlet diameter(mm)  76  76
 Processing Capacity(m³/h)  15-20   25-40

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