BB Granular Fertilizer Mixer

  • Weight (KG):1010 KG
  • Material:SUS304, SUS316
  • Dimension(L*W*H):100*150*120CM
  • Core Components:Gearbox, Engine
  • Output Capacity(L):350
  • Feed Capacity(L):560
  • Rotating Speed Of Mixer(r/min):14
  • Mixing And Lifting Motor (kw):0.55
  • Certification:ISO9001,CE
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BB Granular Fertilizer Blenders for Sale adopts forward and reverse operation, and uses special internal screw mechanism and unique three-dimensional structure for npk granular material mixing. The fertilizer granules blending equipment has a novel design and strong practicability. And uniform, electronic control system, manual, automatic, composite settings, are the characteristics of its similar products do not have. The bb fertilizer mixing equipment has the characteristics of affordable price, small footprint, large output and even stirring.

Granular Fertilizer Mixer for Sale in Bulk Blending Fertilizer Plant
Granular Fertilizer Mixer for Sale in Bulk Blending Fertilizer Plant

How to buy a complete set of bb fertilizer blending plant for sale?

The complete set of BB granules fertilizer blending equipment for sale is mainly composed of the following equipment:

storage bins; feeders; weighing scales; bb mixers; large-angle belt elevators; quantitative packaging machines; automatic sewing machines. The bulk blending fertilizer production process is as follows: storage system – → feeding system – metering system – – conveying and lifting system – – stirring and mixing → automatic packaging and sewing – + finished product belt transfer – + computer control system.

The bb fertilizer equipment has a variety of specifications, and the output per hour is 7-9T, 10-14T, 15-18T, 20-24T, 25-30T, etc.; according to the materials to be mixed, it is divided into 2 to 8 kinds of materials.

Top 7 technical highlights to buy a bb granular fertilizer blending machine for sale

  1. The bb fertilizer mixing equipment occupies a small area (25~50 square meters) and has low power consumption (the power of the whole set of the granule blending equipment is less than 10 kW/h);
  2. The main engine of the granular fertilizer blender for sale is made of industrial-grade stainless steel, and the control system adopts high-performance industrial computer, which can be suitable for various harsh on-site environments;
  3. Using two-stage anti-vibration treatment and multi-stage filtering technology, the measurement is accurate and the precision is high when using the fertilizer granules mixing machine;
  4. Automatically control the high-speed 485 or 232 communication interfaces, and the formula can be adjusted at any time. Customers can change the production formula according to the different requirements of fertilizer sales;
  5. Automatic mixing and bagging, uniform mixing, exquisite packaging, no separation of materials in the packaging process, arbitrary adjustment of the mixing range of 10-60kg, to overcome the production and packaging process of large ingredients.

The segregation phenomenon in the medium must be added to save the cost and consumption

  1. The actuator in the pellet fertilizer blender adopts pneumatic drive, large and small two-stage feeding, independent measurement and cumulative measurement of various materials, and the production speed is fast;
  2. The control system has automatic zero tracking, automatic tare weight removal, rough measurement and automatic drop compensation, automatic overshoot measurement and correction fault alarm;

The composition of the granules blending fertilizer equipment includes: multi-material automatic batching system, mixing device, lifting device, high-level silo, maintenance platform, quantitative packaging scale, idler belt conveyor, automatic sewing bag device, production line general control cabinet.

What makes a high-quality bulk blending granular fertilizer mixing machine for sale?

The whole machine can be divided into three parts:

  1. Frame part: The working body of the granular fertilizer blender machine for sale is fixed on the frame. The frame of the machine is welded with high-quality carbon steel plate and channel steel.
  2.     2. Transmission connection part: The motor drives the pulley, the V-belt and the reducer to drive, and the gear installed on the reducer is engaged with the gear of the body, thereby driving the cylinder to work in bb fertilizer blending process.
  3. The working part of the cylinder: the cylinder part of the fertilizer pellets blending machine is made of high-quality carbon steel plate. There is a spiral stirring blade on the inner wall of the cylinder. While the cylinder is working, the material enters from the feed port, and the material is evenly stirred under the turning and turning of the spiral stirring blade.
  4. Feeding part of the climbing bucket: The feeding part of the climbing bucket of the mixing machine is well designed. The guide rail part of the climbing bucket is made of high-quality channel steel, and it is designed with a reasonable angle to make the overall operation stable. It overcomes the problems that the lifting bucket is difficult to load and easy to deviate due to height restrictions in the past.

BB Fertilizer Mixer for Sale Technical Parameters

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