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Npk fertilizer production technology is quite important for customers npk fertilizer production business. What technology you choose to make npk fertilizer? That also decide you what equipment or fertilizer production line you can buy for your npk plant industry. There are three methods to make npk compound fertilizer. One is the chemical method make compound npk fertilizer. The second methods to produce npk fertilizer is mixing and granulation. And the last way to manufacture npk compounds is bulk blending process. The following are detailed info of each npk production technology:

Chemical Method for NPK Fertilizer Production Technology

Chemical method to produce compound npk fertilizer, it needs chemical synthesis or chemical separation under certain working process. NPK Compound fertilizer made by this technology has fixed chemical components, which there is few side contents in it. Ammonium metaphosphate, potassium nitrate, potassium metaphosphate are usually made by this technology.

Mixing and Granulation Technology to Make NPK Compound Fertilizer

This way to process npk compound fertilizer is always using high contents-based fertilizer as raw materials, like urea, Potassium Chloride, Ammonium Phosphate, etc. By mixing them in certain portions, then make npk compound fertilizer granules with extrusion granulator, pan granulator or drum granulator. To make these types of  npk compound fertilizers, the nutrients can be customized according customers requirements. To make high quality npk compound fertilizer, customers can also add some additives in the npk fertilizer production process. The additives are usually, sulfuric acid, Kaolin or micro nutrients, like Zinc, Boron, Manganese as the like. This type of npk fertilizer production technology is quite mature among different countries. It is easy to control the whole npk fertilizer production process. What’s more, npk products made by this way are quite popular for farmers in application since its high nutrient quality. Since its simple process npk, and cost effective on npk equipments, it also widely used in npk fertilizer production factories over the world.

Bulk Blending NPK Compound Fertilizer Production Technology

This method to make npk fertilizer are usually use single nutrient chemical fertilizer or chemical synthesis fertilizer like Ammonium Sulfate, Ammonium Phosphate, Potassium Sulfate as raw materials. Through mechanical mixing, customer can get final npk blending npk granules for plants. During npk blending fertilizer production, there are no obvious chemical reactions in it. It is very simple and cost-effective. Thus, it is also a good way to make quality npk fertilizer.

Different npk fertilizer production technology adopts different raw materials, uses different production process, and different fertilizer production equipment configurations. Compared to the three types of npk fertilizer production methods, the mixing and granulation technology, and the bulk blending fertilizer production process technology are simple and cost effective. Customers want to make npk fertilizer for your fertilizer industry. The latter two will be nice choice for you.

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