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The consumption of fertilizers in Indonesia reached ~ thousand tons nutrients during 2012, increasing at a decent growth of 7.1% from 2006 to 2012. Considering the entire fertilizer market, it can be contingent that the nitrogen fertilizers have the greatest contribution in the Indonesia fertilizer market while phosphate and potash fertilizes inhabit minor share. However, the contribution of nitrogen fertilizers weakened from 2006 to 2012. The fertilizer market in Indonesia is concentrated with foremost players being few state-owned corporations. Such corporations are the subsidiaries of PT Pupuk Indonesia Holding Company. Since the fertilizer market is emerging in Indonesia, there are so many fertilizer companies start to make fertilizer by themselves, rather than import from other countries.
A Fertilizer Company from Indonesia came into our factory on Sep.3th, 2019. The company want to get a full quotation about a 1t/h npk dry granulation fertilizer production line for his npk fertilizer production business in Indonesia. In his npk granulation process, his goal is to mix 3 solids particle into one npk granule product, the following are detailed solutions, we provide to him based on his npk manufacturing requirements.

What raw materials Indonesian customer use for his npk dry granulation plant?

The Indonesian customer want to make compound fertilizer granules from the following three raw materials
These three types of basic fertilizer ingredients are all in granules from. As the main raw materials for customer compound fertilizer production, they are perfect enough, which can provide full nutrients that plants need. However, to make them into one uniform granules, they should in the same sizes. Thus, the following we recommend him solutions to process the raw materials before granulation.

NPK Crushing Equipment for Raw Materials Pretreatment Before Granulation for Indonesian Customer

Since some of our customers raw materials are not in fine powder form, which are not applicable for smooth granulation process. Thus, we provide him our chain type crusher machine for his npk materials grinding. After, crushing, the materials are fine in powder form, which is applicable for next npk fertilizer manufacturing process.

Dry Granulation Process for Making Compound Fertilizer in Indonesian

As for our Indonesian customer want to make npk granules by dry granulation process, we recommend him our double roller extrusion granulation line for his npk plant. Based on customers production capacity requirement, we supply him a 1t per hour capacity npk dry granulation production line. This production line can make 20t final npk granules per day at 20 working hours in a day. What’s more, it can meet customers 6000t per year production yields at 300 working days. The following are detailed process to make npk granules.

NPK Mixing Process

Since there are different raw materials for the npk dry granules production, to make quality npk pellets, after grinding, it needs the fertilizer blending first. In this process, the Indonesian customer will get fine npk mixture before granulation. As for the fertilizer blending machines used in this process, there are different types of fertilizer mixers, available for our customer, such as pan mixer, double shafts mixer, or horizontal blender. After discussion, the customer chose to buy the horizontal type fertilizer mixing machine for his npk plant in Indonesian finally.

How to make npk granules with the dry extrusion process?

After the npk mixture production process, here comes with the npk dry granulation process. As for the dry fertilizer granules making, there are double roller extrusion granulators available for our customers fertilizer plant in Indonesian. It is fully meet customers small capacity compound fertilizer production line.

NPK Granules Screening Process

After npk dry granulation, here comes with the fertilizer screening process. It needs to screen the unfinished npk granules out. Then, qualified npk pellets (1-4mm) will come into the fertilizer packaging machine. However, the unqualified products will be re-granulated again. In this npk manufacturing process, our granular rotary drum screener will help customers npk production in Indonesia.

How to pack npk granules for sale?

After the npk rotary drum screening process, the next step is to pack the npk granules into bags. (50kg per bag usually.) In the npk fertilizer bagging process, we recommend our granules fertilizer packing machine for our Indonesian customers dry granulation plant.

Technical specifications for a 1t dry npk granulation fertilizer production line in Indonesian

Item Specification Power Picture
1. Model: WJ-70
2. Dimension:2350*1200*1000mm
3. Volume:0.5m3
4. Reducer model: ZQ350
5. Stirring speed:46r/min
6. Main plate thickness:4mm
7. Weight:0.54t 7.5kw
Belt conveyor
B500-6m 1. Width: 500mm
2. Belt material: Rubber
3. Length:6m
4. Frame material: GB Channel steel
5. Function: convey 3kw
Roller granulator
1 .Capacity: 1t/h                                                                2. Dimension: 1450x850x1450mm
3. Weight:800kg
4. Function: press powder into granules.                           15kw
Belt conveyor
B500-6m 1. Width: 500mm
2. Belt material: Rubber
3. Length:6m
4. Frame material: GB Channel steel
5. Function: convey granules   3kw
Screen machine
SXGS-1030 1. Speed: 18r/min
2. Reducer: ZQ250
3. Sifter size: Ø1m*3m
4. Function: Screen out qualified & un-qualified granules. 3kw
Belt conveyor
B500-11m 1. Width: 500mm
2. Belt material: Rubber
3. Length:11m
4. Frame material: GB Channel steel
5. Function: convey granules to packing machine   5.5kw
Packing machine SXKB-01 1. Packing weight range:25-50kgs/bag
2. Permissible Error: ±0.2%
3. Packing speed: 8-10s/bag
4. Including parts: Packing
machine & bag sewing machine
& bag conveyor & control box& air compressor
5. Function: packing the granule fertilizer 3.12kw
Electric control cabinet Control all machines ON/OFF /

What service you can benefit from us?

– Detailed Soltuion / Schematic Diagram of the Complete NPK Production Process.
– Product Quality ( Granule Size, Strenght , etc ).
– Plant / Equipment Layout (viewed from top ).
– Estimated Plant/System Dimension ( Length x Width x Height )- Estimated Plant Life (years)
Or you may want to know more about out npk production lines or services on:
– Utility Consumption ( Electric, etc)
– Number of Operator Needed.
– Production Capacity Range. (in Ton/day or Ton/Hr)
– Investment Cost / Quotation.
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