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With the development of agricultural production, countries in the world have gradually shifted from single-component to multi-component fertilizer application, and from single application of chemical fertilizers to application of compound fertilizers, including organic compound fertilizers.

Over the years, due to the long-term application of chemical fertilizers, the organic matter of the soil has been consumed excessively, resulting in a decline in soil fertility, resulting in a significant reduction in the increase rate of chemical fertilizers. According to the survey of Guangdong Province, in 1991, the nitrogen yield per kilogram of rice fields in Guangdong was 9.9 kg, which was half of the 20 kg nitrogen yield per kg in the 1950s. Therefore, in order to maintain sustainable development of agriculture, it is necessary to develop from chemical fertilizers to organic compound fertilizers, which is a major progress.

Organic compound fertilizer not only plays an important role in increasing production and income, and improving soil fertility, but its more important aspect is to develop new fertilizer resources, turn waste into treasure, and purify the environment. Modern organic compound fertilizer is not a simple farmyard manure, it is the product of the cross-development of modern industry and modern agriculture. Due to the progress of society and the improvement of people’s living standards, large and medium-sized professional livestock and poultry manures are located near the suburbs. These areas lack agricultural cultivation and are difficult to handle. If they are not used, they will cause serious pollution to the environment.

In addition, a large number of wastes discharged from many industrial processes, such as filter mud from sugar factories, bagasse, sludge from various factories, and organic wastes also contain organic nutrients and nutrients absorbed by various plants, which are used to produce organic compound fertilizers. It not only increases the fertilizer source for agricultural production, but also turns waste into treasure, which has obvious environmental benefits. In addition to these, there is a large amount of domestic waste, which is also a good organic fertilizer resource. It is used to produce organic compound fertilizer, which has high organic nutrients, reduces production costs, and improves the economic benefits of fertilizer production.

The production of organic compound fertilizer is different from traditional farmyard manure. Traditional farmyard manure only uses a single raw material and adopts a simple stacking form. After a certain period of stacking or composting, it is used immediately, and its fertilizer nutrients are generally relatively single. The organic compound fertilizer is formulated according to the needs of plant growth.

Instead of using a single raw material, the organic waste is processed and then matched with other suitable nutrients, including N, P, K and other trace elements, and the fertilizer nutrients are very complete. In terms of processing methods, it adopts industrial scale operation and modern fertilizer production technology, which has obvious economic and social benefits.

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