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Egypt is also a country, whose economy mainly depend on its agriculture industry. Its fertilizer requirements very large for the country’s agricultural development. Thus, there are also different fertilizer companies start to make fertilizer by their own rater to simply import from other countries. On March, 5th, 2018, there was a customer want to buy a 15 tons per hour npk production line for his project in Egypt. He wants to install the compound fertilizer production line in Egypt. His requirements on the complete sets of fertilizer production lines for npk fertilizer production are as follows:

Key equipment used in the 15 tons per hour npk fertilizer plant

5 mills(crushers-grinders) with 3 tons per hour capacity

Before making npk fertilizer granules for commercial purpose, customers need to grind the npk fertilizer raw materials into fine powders. Since, the customer need to produce npk fertilizer at 15 tons per our capacity, so it needs 5 sets of fertilizer crushers for his npk production plant in different processes.

2 npk mixers (6t/h and 9t/h)

To make quality npk fertilizer that meets the plants nutrients requirements. Different nutrients fertilizer materials or additives should be mixed evenly together. The fertilizer blender is mainly used in the fertilizer mixing process in npk fertilizer production. There are different kinds of fertilizer blenders available for our customers npk plant. There are single shaft mixers, horizontal mixers, pan mixers, etc. For our customers npk mixing plant in fertilizer production, we recommend our double shaft fertilizer blender. For his npk plant project.

1 rotary drum granulator with 15t per hour capacity

The rotary drum granulator is mainly used for npk compound fertilizer production at large capacity. The rotary drum fertilizer granulation equipment in our factory has 1t to 30t per hour capacity. For customers 15 ton per hour capacity npk granulation plant in Egypt, the 15t per hour granulator drum is perfect for his fertilizer plant project in npk production.

The above information is main inquiry about our customer’s requirements on his npk business project in Egypt. Of course, to make quality npk fertilizer easily and efficiently, the customer also need to equip other auxiliary fertilizer machines for his fertilizer plant. For more detailed information, welcome to contact us now.

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