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On Sep. 12th, 2019, there is an inquiry about compound fertilizer production line from Bolivia. The customer is with a project of npk granulated fertilizers. The Bolivian fertilizer production company want to make formulated granular npk fertilizer with our fertilizer production line. They have varied for formulations, which are mainly npk 20 20 20.  Thus, he wants to produce npk 20 20 20 from three main basic fertilizer ingredients. They are Urea, KCl and PHOSPHORIC ACID.

As for the additives, he wants to use bentonite and kaolin as inert materials for commercial npk-20-20-20 production. Since, the customer need to make npk fertilizer granules by wet granulation method. During granulation, the customer will use phosphoric acid as a spray to the npk mixture. In the production capacity, the customer needs to buy a 10 tons per hour npk 20 20 20 production line for his fertilizer production project in Bolivia.

Technical solutions and proposals we provide for your customers npk project in Bolivia

During the long-time discussion with our customers in Bolivia, we recommend our drum granulation lines for his npk fertilizer production project. However, our customer insists a pan granulation line for his project business. That is because the pan granulator fertilizer production line cost is lower than the rotary drum fertilizer production line price in compound fertilizer production. The following are some technical specifications for our customers compound fertilizer project business reference.

Pan Granulator Technical Parameters Used in NPK Plant in Bolivia

No. Commodity Model Specification Power  (KW) Quantity (Set)
1 Disc granulator YZ-3600 1.              Capacity:6t/h  2.               Rotary speed: 13r/min  3.               Edge Depth: 500mm 4.               Diameter of disc:3600mm 5.               Dimension : 4.1*2.9*3.8m 6.               Reducer: ZQ400 7.               Plate thickness: 10mm 8.              Including:Stainless steel lining board & liquid spary system 9.               Weight: 3920kg 10.             Function: make granules 18.5 1

Drum Granulation Line for our customers compound fertilizer production project in Bolivia

No. Commodity Picture Model Specification Power  (KW) Quantity (Set)
1 Drum granulator ZGZ-2080 1.Capacity: 10-15t/h 2.Rotary speed:11r/min 3. Drum size : Ø2*8m 4. Installation angle: 20-50 5. Material: Q235B boiler steel 6. Stell thickness:14mm 7. Rubber lining board thickness: 8mm 8. Weight: 11200kg 9. Motor RPM:11RPM 10.Function:granule making 18.5 1
2 Rotary drum dryer HG-2020 1.                Capacity: 10-15t/h 2.                Speed: 5.5r/min 3.                Drum size: Ø2.0m*20 4.                Drum body thickness: 16mm 5.                Material: Q235B boiler steel 6.                Weight: 26,800kg 7.                Including relevant dust collecting pipes and connect flange 8.                Function: cool granules 37 1
3 Burner RSJ-180 1.                Brand: Italy Riello 2.                Power:2.2kw 3.                Fuel type: diesel, gasoline, heavy oil and natural gas 4. Function: fuel burning to provide hot air for dryer. 2.2 1
4 Furnce TDRFL-3200 1.                Inner wall material: Fireproof bricks & fireproof cement 2.                Size:4.2*3.2*3m 3.                we provide the drawing, you build by yourself 4.                Function:Gas, wood, coal etc. burning place 1
5 Clyone dust Collector TDXC-1800 1.                Material: Carbon steel 2.                Including dust collecting pipes and steel outrigger 3.                Function: Collecting dust by centrifugal force 1
6 ID Fan FJ-10C 1. Wind produce: 31237- 43722m3/h 2. Material: Carbon steel 3. Wind pressure: 1505-1902Pa 4. Rotary speed: 1000r/min 5. Function: induce air 30 1
7 Dust fall room CJ-01 1.                we provide drawing,customer builds at site. 2.                Material: Carbon steel 3.               Function:falling dust 1

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