Compost Machine for Sale

    • Production Capacity:1t to 30t Per Hour
    • Applicable Materials: Organic Manure
    • Industry Serviced: Poultry Farm Waste Management, Chicken Farm Litter Disposal, Organic Manure Line
    • Top Sale Composting Equipment:Movable, Crawler Type Windrow Turner, Groove Type, Wheel Type, Horizontal, Vertical In-vessel Composters
    • Installation:Provided
    • Turnkey Project Solutions:Provided

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Compost machine is vital for bio-organic npk fertilizer production plants. In organic npk fertilizer production process, there are different ways. You can make compost in the trench, or fermentation grooves. While, you can also make bio compost by the open windrow method. However, if you need to make compost fertilizer at industrial scale. The in-vessel compost making machine will be the perfect one, which can let you compost automatically within two weeks. There are different types of compost equipment for sale available for your composting plants in our factory.

For customers making compost in the grooves, there are three types of compost turners. One is the groove type compost turner. The second one is the chain plate compost turning equipment. And the third one is the wheel type large scale composting equipment. What’s more, if you need to start your composting business at an open outdoor site, there are windrow turners for sale for your reference.

There are self-propelled compost turners, which one is the movable compost turner, and the other one is the crawler type compost machinery for your compost production line. Apart from trench type and the windrow compost turners, there are in-vessel composters for your closed fermentation fertilizer production process. Among the different types of compost making machines, how to choose the best one suitable for your composting project?

What types of compost machines for trench compost fertilizer production?

For trench composting technology, there are three top sale compost tuners available for your commercial composting plant in our factory. For cost-effective compost fertilizer production, you can choose our groove type compost machine. However, for quality and through composting, buying the chain type compost turner will be the best. While, the price of this compost equipment is higher than the groove type composting machinery. While, for large scale compost plants, you can buy our new designed wheel turner for your compost production business. The following are detailed info on different types of trench type compost turners for your reference.

Groove type compost turner for sale for making compost at low cost

Groove type compost turner is a kind of rail type compost turner, or track type compost turner. As its name suggest, it works on rails or tracks to compost raw materials in the trench or groove. For livestock manure recycling, sugar mill waste treatment, biogas plant residue disposal, it’s the perfect compost machine.  Buying one for your compost plant, you can turn the raw materials at 3 to 30meters width and 0.8m to the 1.8m width. It can let you make compost fertilizer at low cost. In our factory, we manufacture the double-groove type and half-groove type to meet your different needs.

Groove Type Compost Turner
Groove Type Compost Turner

Compost Turner Machine Groove Type Technical Parameters

Chain Plate Type Compost Turner for Quality Composting for Commercial Purpose

Chain plate compost in our company is a type of dedicated compost machine for quality commercial compost fertilizer production. Adopting frequency conversion speed, when, making compost, customers can use it more smoothly. It can turn organic materials from 10t per hour to 20t per hour. Designed with chain type transmission system, it can save the electricity power when composting. Equipping with plate and turning knives, you can compost more thoroughly than the groove type compost machine.

Chain Plate Type Compost Turner
Chain Plate Type Compost Turner

Chain plate compost making machine technical data

Wheel type compost pile turner for large scale composting production lines

Wheel type compost turner is the best compost machine for organic raw materials fermentation with large span and deep depth.  It is a highly automatic compost production machine for large capacity compost fertilizer plants. For customers need to buy this fertilizer machine, it can saves your cost on the base site building. With maximum 30 meters span, it can compost organic raw materials in a large batch.

Wheel Type Compost Turner for Sale
Wheel Type Compost Turner for Sale

Technical Specifications for the Wheel Type Compost Turning Equipment

Top 2 popular sale windrow compost turners for sale in our factory

Unlike the groove type trench compost turner, windrow turners or self-propelled compost equipment are more flexible for different types of places, whether indoor or outdoor. There are two types of windrow turners top sale in our factory. The first one is the movable compost turner. The other type is the crawler type compost turning equipment. Movable turners are suitable for small capacity compost business, while the crawler type windrow turner is best for large scale commercial compost plants.

Movable Compost Production Machine for Small to Medium Capacity Compost Plants

The movable compost turner machine is a self-propelled compost turner for small to medium compost production. By using four-wheel moving design, one operator can run this machine in your compost plant. When making compost buy using this turning equipment, you need pile the raw materials in the long open windrow. When buying this fertilizer equipment for your composting plant project, it can make compost 800 to 1000 m3 per hour. Thus, it is perfect for customers just start up your compost fertilizer production business.

Movable Compost Turner
Movable Compost Turner

Movable Compost Making Machine Technical Specifications for Sale

Crawler Type Composting Machine for Sale in Windrow Composting Process

Crawler type windrow compost turner is the large capacity compost making equipment for customers windrow composting plant. There are fully hydraulic types available for you compost at large scale. Customers can run this windrow turner by pull rod steering wheel, which help you make compost more easily and efficiently. When making compost, it moves by the crawler wheel which is more sturdy and powerful. The roller drum of the crawler type compost turner can be lift up and down by the hydraulic system, which makes large and easy compost production possible. For commercial compost plants, buying this one for your project is the top chosen products.

Crawler Type Windrow Compost Turner
Crawler Type Windrow Compost Turner

Windrow compost turners crawler type technical parameters for your reference

In-vessel composters for industrial scale rapid composting

 The groove type and windrow compost machines, when produce compost, it usually takes 30 days or even longer in winter. While, if customers need to make compost quickly, the in-vessel compost turner will be suitable for you. There are two types of composters vessels for customers industrial scale composting. They are horizontal compost fermenter and vertical vessel compost turner.

In-vessel Composter for Sale
In-vessel Composter for Sale

Horizontal closed composting equipment for sale

Horizontal compost turner is mainly used for animal manure, organic industrial waste harmless treatment. It takes up less space than other types of composters. Additionally, by composting with the closed fermentation system, it free of pollution to the environment. During the vessel aerobatic composting process, it can kill germs between the temperature of 60C to 100C . For customers in livestock farms, ecological agriculture industry, it is your best choice in green development. There are 5 to m3 available for your small to medium capacity compost production.

Horizontal Type Compost Vessel Machine
Horizontal Type Compost Vessel Machine

Horizontal Type Compost Vessel Machine Parameters

Vertical in-vessel compost fermentation tank for large scale industrial composting

The vertical composter can let you make compost in one to two weeks. From raw materials crushing to mixing, it can both process in it. As for the vertical compost machine, there are 100 m3 above capacities can meet your large industrial commercial composting plants. Final composts made by this equipment are fine powders within 30% moisture content. It is perfect for the next granulation process in organic fertilizer plant.

Top Compost Making Machine Working Videos from Us

In-vessel vertical composter technical data

Among the above 7 different kinds of compost machines, how to choose the best one perfect match your business project in organic compost production? Contact us now on more details. There are professionals can help you.

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