Fertilizer Pelletizer Machine for Sale

  • Production Capacity:1t to 30t Per Hour
  • Applicable Materials: Bio, Organic, Compound Fertilizer
  • Industry Serviced: Manure Management Plant, Fertilizer Factory
  • Top Sale Granulators:Pan Granulator, Drum Pelletizer, Extrusion Granulator, Flat Die Granulator, Stirring Teeth Granulator, Two in One Granulator
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Fertilizer Pelletizer machines manufacturing in our fertilizer production equipment factory are quite suitable for customers npk fertilizer granular making plant. They are dedicated equipment for npk granulation. For customers making organic or bio fertilizer npk fertilizer production, there are different capacities of new developed stirring teeth npk organic fertilizer granulator for sale.

Fertilizer Pelletizer Machine for Sale from our factory  can help you make fertilizer granules organic npk from 1t to 6t capacities per hour. To make npk fertilizer granular at low cost, we have pan granulators for you. While for large capacity npk fertilizer granules production, the rotary drum fertilizer granulator, can help you make pellet fertilizer 30t per hour at most. If you want to produce npk granules by dry granulation technology, there are double roller extrusion granulators and flat die pelletizers for sale in our company.

Dry & Wet granulation technology in fertilizer production

When making fertilizer granules npk, it is quite important for the moistures content in the raw materials. There are mainly two ways to make granular npk fertilizer. One is the wet granulation technology. The other one is the dry granulation machine. Raw materials which have moisture content within 30% to 45% percent are available for wet granulation. However, if you have npk fertilizer materials with 15% moisture at large, adopting dry granulation method will be the top choice. As for the machines using in different types of granulation technologies. Stirring teeth granulator, pan pelletizer for sale, two in one granulation equipment and the drum rotary granulator are equipment for wet granulation. While for dry granulation, roller press granulator and flat die pelletizer are available for your npk pelletizer plant.

Wet type fertilizer pelletizer machine for sale in npk granulation production line

New developed design fertilizer granulator for organic npk fertilizer granulation

New developed organic fertilizer granulator also called as stirring teeth fertilizer granulation machine. It’s a patent granular making machine along with other machines like fermentation tanks, crawler type organic compost turners in our factory. How does it work to make npk organic fertilizer npk pellets for your project? When making npk organic granules, it mainly depends on the friction between the stirring teeth and its drum wall. Final organic npk granules made by this granulation equipment shall be more strengthen than others.

Technical specifications for the npk organic stirring teeth granulation fertilizer production machine

Disc Granulator for Wet NPK Granulation Process at 1t to 6t Capacity Per Hour

Disc granulator is a kind of fertilizer ball making machine in organic compound npk fertilizer production line.  By make fertilizer granules with the wet granulation technology, you can make different types of npk fertilizer granules at different sizes. Designed with whole circular arc structure, which promotes the plate granulator’s pelleting grate higher than 93%. By using the flexible belt driving system in the reduced and the electric motor, its reduces the impact force when making granules.  It extends the service life of the pan granulation equipment in the meantime. In the main parts of the disc pelletizer, we use multi-panel steel plate to strengthen its bottom, which make the npk granulations much smoother and efficiently. For customers, need to make npk granules by wet granulation technology, there are also equipped with spraying system for your npk plants.

Pan Granulator for Sale
Pan Granulator for Sale

Disc Pan Wet NPK Granulation Equipment Technical Data

Drum Granulation Equipment for Large Scale NPK Compound Fertilizer Production Line

Rotary granulator in our factory is one of a top sale wet fertilizer pelleting equipment for customers large capacity organic npk compound fertilizer production. Equipped with a drum granulator in your compound fertilizer production plant, you can produce fertilizer pellets by cooling, or hot granulation technology. When making npk granules, the steam granulation method can be used in this npk fertilizer production process. Whether you want to make low concentration npk compounds fertilizer, or medium or high concentration granules, the granulator rotary drum will be your top choice.

Rotary Drum Granulator for Sale
Rotary Drum Granulator for Sale

How to choose a rotary drum granulator for your compound fertiliser production line?

 Rotary Mixing Drum Granulator for Sale in Organic NPK Manufacturing Process

The rotary mixer drum granulator is combined with the functions of the stirring teeth granulator and the rotary drum pelletizer. It is a new developed fertilizer pelletizer machine in our factory. For a higher and quality large scale npk compound fertilizer granulation production, buy this type of granulator machine will be your nice selection.

Rotary Drum Churning Granulator
Rotary Drum Churning Granulator

Two in one dum mixer granulator technical parameters

Top sale fertilizer pelletizer machines for sale in dry granulation organic npk plants

Double Roller Extrusion Granulator for sale in npk dry granulation production line

Double roller extrusion granulator is the key equipment for compound fertiliser dry granulation plants.  Using eugenics formula, customers can make granules from npk powder fertilizer at the room temperature. For customers want to make granules npk at small capacity with low cost, the dry powder extrusion granulator will be the best one for your fertilizer production project business.

Double Roller Extrusion Granulator
Double Roller Extrusion Granulator

NPK Dry Extrusion Granulator Specifications for Sale

Falt Die Granulator for Dry Fertilizer Pelletizing Process

The fat die granulator uses extrusion rollers and molds to make granular fertilizer.It is perfect for granulating various npk organic substances after fermentation. Customers can make  columnar fertilizer particles by automatic batching.  When buying one for your fertilizer plants, you can make fertilizer granules at a diameter of 2-8mm. For bio npk fertilizer plants, the flat die fertilizer pelletizer machine will your favourable choice.

Flat Die Pelletizer Machine for Sale
Flat Die Pelletizer Machine for Sale

Flat die granulator is mainly used for the granules processing of (biological) organic fertilizer and aquaculture

What types of fertilizer granulators are available for your bio npk fertilizer factory?



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