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On March, 5th, 2018, a Kenya based company producing soil and crop specific blends of fertilisers. They mainly We produce a variety of npk compound fertilizer blends mainly for cereals and horticultural crops. The fertilizer production company send an inquiry for a npk fertilizer production line from our factory. They want to manufacture granules containing gypsum, dolomite, and micronutrients. After that, they want to mix these granules with DAP and MOP etc. for commercial npk fertilizer production in Kenya.

The already have a operate disc granulators compound fertilizer production line in Kenya, which, at that time was a small capacity npk plant in Kenya. Then, right now, they are looking at expanding capacity and want to buy a complete new 5 tons per hour fertilizer plant for npk granules making. From this, they are looking at improving their npk granules quality with technology for polyurethane coated slow release and colour coated products.

What technical proposal do our Kenyan customer need for his compound fertilizer plant?

Currently, the Kenyan customer operates a disc granulation plant for his npk plant. Then, he wants to let us send technical proposal and a budgetary offer for 5 tons oer hour rotary drum granulator plant for flexibility of manufacturing compound granules. (they may increase this to 10tph depending on overall coat).

What type of npk fertilizer does the customer need to make for his compound fertilizer plant in Kenya?

They are looking at improving their compound fertilizer granules quality with technology for polyurethane coated slow release and colour coated products. Thus, they need us design a npk granulation plant for his project in Kenya.

Drum Granulation Process for NPK Manufacturing

Main workflow for the compound fertilizer production process:


  1. Batching:

To batch every of customers npk raw materials precisely.

  1. Mixing:

To mix the batched materials evenly, complete and continuously

  1. Granulating:

Rotary drum granulator, granulation rate 90%, more round and good looking.

  1. Drying:

Moisture after granulation about 30%, so need drying for Package or Storage.

Equipped with Heavy Fuel Oil Burner, Hot Air Generator, ID Fan and Dust Collecting System.

  1. Cooling:

Temperature of dried granules about 50~60℃ needs to be cooled down.

Equipped with ID Fan and Dust Collecting System.

  1. Screening:

Unqualified granules need to be screened out for re-crushing and re granulating.

Matched with Crusher for re-crushing.

  1. Coating:

1) For Polyurethane Spraying;

2) For Color Pigments.

  1. Packing:

Packing capacity of (5~50) kg/bag* (240~360) bags/hour.

Complete set of machines we provide for the Kenyan customers compound fertilizer plant

  1. Batching machine with 4 bins;
  2. Belt conveyors(14sets);
  3. Double shafts mixer;
  4. Rotary drum granulator;
  5. Rotary drum dryer;
  6. Rotary drum cooler;
  7. Rotary screener;
  8. Coating tank for Polyurethane Spraying
  9. Rotary coater with Powder device for Color Pigments;
  10. Product hopper;
  11. Automatic granule packing machine;
  12. Chain crusher;
  13. Cyclone dust collector;
  14. Inducing Fan;
  15. Dusting room;
  16. Water curtain dust collector;
  17. Hot air generator with Heavy fuel oil burner;
  18. Electric control panel.

Basic info about the 5t per hour npk drum granulation plant in Kenya

  1. Raw material: Dolomite, Gypsum, Bentonite, and 2% Micronutrients;
  2. Output capacity: 5 tons per hour;
  3. Power consumption: about 50kw;
  4. Operators: 5~6 person (2 for batching, 1 for drying & coating, 2 for packing);

All area needed: 960m2(40m* 24m);

  1. Delivery time: about 20~25 working days after prepayment;
  2. Shipping time: about 35 days as shipping scheduled.

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