Double Shaft Mixer

  • Barrel Volume (L):6000
  • Max. Loading Volume (L):8000 L
  • Range of Spindle Speed(r.p.m):35 – 40 r.p.m
  • Weight (KG):604 KG
  • Application:Powder, Organic fertilizer equipment production
  • Voltage:380v
  • Dimension(L*W*H):370*80*75CM
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Double shaft mixer is suitable for continuous mixing of mixed fertilizer powder, usually after automatic batching equipment. The working principle is that the material enters the stirring tank, and is uniformly stirred through a pair of spiral blades mounted on a pair of double shafts with opposite directions of rotation, and then enters the next granulation process. The double shaft fertilizer mixer is a new type of blending equipment improved on the basis of the original manure mixer. It is mainly used in organic fertilizers plants, compound fertilizers production lines and dust collectors in thermal power plants, and can also be used in chemical metallurgy, mining, building materials and other industries.

The advantages of the twin shaft wet mixer are:

     (1) It has high stirring efficiency and less floor space. The spiral blades are made of high wear-resistant special alloys.

     (2) The double-shaft mixing machine is driven by a reducer, with stable rotation and low noise.

     (3) The double-shaft mixer feeds from the top and discharges from the bottom, with a reasonable structure.

     (4) The sealing between the joint surfaces is tight and the operation is stable.

Technical specifications for the double shaft fertilizer mixing equipment for sale in our factory

Model SZJB-3070
Dimensions 3800*1320*770mm
Power 11kw
Mixing Tank Thickness 6mm
Reducer ZQ350-31.5
Speed 35r/min

The above double shaft mixer machine’s specifications just for your reference. There are also different types of fertilizer mixing machines with double shafts available in our factory for your organic npk fertilizer production plants. Or fi you need to buy a fertilizer blending equipment specially for your own fertilizer plant, we can customize it for you. Whether in the color or the mixing equipment, or in the motor of the machine, as a professional manufacturer, we can meet produce and design you a reasonable fertilizer blender perfectly meeting your fertilizer mixing requirement. As for the double shafts fertilizer blending equipment price, we can provide you factory for your fertilizer production business. Inquiry us now, to get the latest price list of the fertilizer mixing equipment.

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