Water Curtain Dust Collector for Sale

    • Applicable Industries: Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Stone Processing
    • Core Components: Motor
    • Use: Burnishing / Deflashing
    • Cleaning Process: Cold Water Cleaning
    • Cleaning Type: Clean-In-Place (CIP)
    • Material: Glass / Ceramic / Stone
    • Power: 0.55-1.1 kw
    • Dimension(L*W*H): 4000x2400x720mm
    • Weight (KG): 300 kg

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The vertical water curtain dust collector relies on the centrifugal force generated when the dust-laden gas enters tangentially, so that the dust particles are in contact with the water film formed on the inner wall of the cylinder. By this way, dusts are adhered by the water. The dust removal efficiency is the same as that of the cyclone dust collector, which increases with the increase of the gas inlet velocity and the decrease of the cylinder diameter. The inlet velocity of dusty gas is generally 13-22m/s.

Water Curtain Dust Collector for sale in the NPK Fertilizer Production Line

Too high will destroy the water film and the pressure loss will be too high. As long as the dust particles are thrown to the blower by centrifugal force, they will be adhered and captured by the water film, and the captured dust particles will not fly again, so the dust removal efficiency is much higher than that of the dry cyclone dust collector. In addition, the height of the cylinder of the dust collector also affects the dust removal efficiency, and the height is generally not less than 5 times the diameter of the cylinder. The Water film dust removal system will eliminate the dust pollution when you make npk fertilizer.

Water Dust Collector Working Principle

The water curtain dust collector is a combination of two forms of water bath and spray. First, the suction force of the high-pressure centrifugal fan is used to press the dust-laden gas into the water tank with a certain height of water, and the water bath will absorb a part of the dust in the water. After uniform distribution, the gas flows from bottom to top, and the high-pressure nozzle sprays water mist from top to bottom to capture the remaining dust particles. Its filtration efficiency can reach more than 85%.

Technical Specifications for the Water Curtain Dust Removal System

No. Model Sizes (mm) Pump power(kw) Capacity m3/h Pressure(pa)
1 LDP-5K ϕ1000*H4500 1.5 5000 700
2 LDP-10K ϕ1200*H4500 2.2 10000 700
3 LDP-15K ϕ1400*H4500 3 15000 700
4 LDP-20K ϕ1800*H5500 4 20000 800
5 LDP-25K ϕ2100*H6000 5.5 25000 800
6 LDP-30K ϕ2500*H6000 7.5 30000 800
7 LDP-35K ϕ2800*H6000 11 35000 900
8 LDP-40K ϕ3200*H6000 11 40000 900

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