Hopper Feeder Conveyor

    • Production Capacity:3-20t per hour
    • Voltage:380V (Customized Service Provided)
    • Dimension(L*W*H):482*220*273cm
    • Vibration Power:0.37kw
    • Certification:CE
    • Application:organic fertilizer plants, bio fertilizer production lines, npk plants, compound fertilizer production lines
    • Installation:Engineer Guide
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Hopper feeder conveyor is a kind of fertilizer production equipment for materials bulk conveying. In large capacity npk fertilizer plants, buy this forklift feeder at low cost, will save you more in materials conveying. When conveying raw materials for npk production, whether the npk fertilizer raw materials are less than 5mm in granular forms. Or in bulk materials is over 1m sizes.  Our hopper feeding equipment is best available for your npk manufacturing process. It can be suitable for different types of materials conveying. What’s more, its production capacity is adjustable, from 3 to 20t per hour. In the organic compound fertilizer production process, there equips with anti-smashing net, vibration and anti-blocking device, and frequency conversion speed control device, which can achieve uniform discharge and accurate control to the amount of discharge.

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Top 5 technical spotlights for you buy a hopper feeder conveyor from us

1. The groove plate of the fork lift feeder adopts double arc plate to prevent npk compound material leakage. 2. The traction chain in the npk hopper conveyor adopts a separate structure for load-bearing and traction, which improves the impact load capacity of the plate feeder. 3. The rear tensioning device is equipped with a disc spring, which can slow down the impact load of the chain and improve the service life of the chain. 4. There are sleepers at the tail of the hopper feeding fertilizer machine to absorb the shock in materials feeding. Moreover, a special shock-absorbing idler supports in the middle to improve the stress conditions of the rollers and the impact of large materials to the groove plates on both sides. The structural designs in the hopper feeder conveyor improve the life of running parts in the npk fertilizer production plants. 5. The head of the hopper feeder equips with 13-15 teeth sprockets. The odd and even teeth are driven separately, which increases the feeder’s service life. Furthermore, the sprocket of the head device is cut into 3-lobed teeth. This technical design structure can let you replace the ware parts easily, which is easy to maintain when you use it in your fertilizer production line.

Forklift hopper feeder npk conveying equipment technical specifications

Model Power(kW) Capacity(t/h) Dimension(mm)
CW-2030 Mixing Power:(2.2kW) Vibration Power:(0.37kW) Conveying Power:(4kW Frequent Speed) 3-10 4250*2200*2730
CW-2040 Mixing Power:(2.2kW) Vibration Power:(0.37kW) Conveying Power:(4kW Frequent Speed) 10-20 4811*2200*2730

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