Semi Wet Fertilizer Crusher

  • Motor Type: AC Motor
  • Capacity(t/h): 3~8
  • Dimension(L*W*H): 1800*1550*1700mm
  • Weight: 1.26 KG
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Machinery Test Report: Provided
  • Video outgoing-inspection: Provided
  • Core Components: Other, Motor
  • Crushing granularity(mesh): 50
  • Inlet size(mm): 550*410
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Semi-wet fertilizer grinding machine is specially used for crushing npk fertilizer production materials with high moisture contents. In the wet npk granulation process, to crush bio npk fertilizer materials, buy a semi-wet npk grinder will be the best in your npk fertilizer plant.  The semi-wet material pulverizer is often used to pulverize fermented livestock and poultry manure, urban sludge, medicinal residues, distiller’s grains and other materials with a moisture content between 20% and 50% in the organic-npk fertilizer production process.

Semi-Wet Fertilizer Grinding Machine for NPK Fertilizer Production

The semi-wet fertilizer grinder fertilizer plays a grinding role to the glass, ceramics, bricks, gravel and other hard substances in the organic npk raw materials. By this fertilizer grinding process, it  achieves the effect of safe application. The crusher machine utilizes high-speed rotating blades. And the pulverized particle size value can meet the npk granulation requirements. What’s more, the pulverized particle size can also be adjusted within an appropriate range according to the needs of users. It has played an important role in shortening the technological process, reducing equipment investment and saving operating costs in the production of organic npk fertilizer and compost. This machine is an ideal fertilizer production equipment  for npk fertilizer production and materials processing.

Semi-wet fertilizer grinding machine working principle

The semi-wet material pulverizer is a professional fertilizer grinding equipment for pulverizing high-humidity and multi-fiber materials. The semi-wet material npk pulverizer uses high-speed rotating blades to pulverize fibers with good particle size. Semi-wet material pulverizers are mostly used in the production and processing of organic npk fertilizers, and have good results in pulverizing raw materials such as chicken manure and sodium humic acid.

  1. The semi-wet material pulverizer adopts a two-stage rotor for upper and lower pulverization. The material passes through the upper-stage rotor pulverizer into fine particles, and then is transported to the lower-stage rotor to continue to be pulverized into fine powder to achieve good quality of material powder and hammer powder effect.
  1. The semi-wet manure crusher is not designed with a screen bottom, and more than 100 kinds of materials can be pulverized without clogging. Even the material just picked up from the water can be crushed, and it will not be blocked due to the crushing of the wet material, which will cause the motor to burn out and affect the production.
  1. The semi-wet natural npk manure grinder adopts high-alloy wear-resistant hammer, and the hammer is made by forging, which is particularly strong and wear-resistant. It is stronger and more wear-resistant than ordinary hammer, which increases the service life of the hammer in the fertilizer grinding machine.
  1. The semi-wet material fertilizer crusher adopts two-way clearance adjustment technology. If the hammer is worn, it does not need to be repaired. It can continue to be used by moving the position of the hammer. The particle size of the material can be controlled by adjusting the gap between the hammer and the liner.
  1. The semi-wet material pulverizer for organic npk powder making adopts high-tech technology, which can be easily operated by only one person.It is not only stable and reliable, but also easy to maintain.
  1. The centralized lubrication system of the semi-wet material crushing machine is filled with oil. Under normal operation, lubricating oil can be injected without stopping the manure grinder.

Semi-wet fertilizer crusher main structures

  1. Frame part: the normal operation of the fertilizer crushing machine is inseparable from the frame. The frame of the machine is welded with high-quality carbon steel plate and channel steel. All these structural design have passed the strict product process requirements to achieve a high working performance in the grinder.
  2. Rotor crushing part: the rotor of this machine is novel in structure and reasonable in design. It adopts upper and lower double-layer blades for crushing, and the crushing effect is good. The material enters the crushing chamber from the feeding port, and is continuously ground by the double-layer blade to make the material suitable for the granulation process.
  1. Transmission connection part: The machine adopts flexible belt transmission. The pulley and belt are driven by the motor, and are directly transmitted to the main shaft, so that the main shaft rotates at a high speed to achieve the fine powder making effect.

Technical specifications for the fertilizer grinder equipment

Model BSFS-40 BSFS-60 BSFS-80 BSFS-90    
Capacity(t/h) 1-2 2-4 3-6 4-8    
Pulverized particle size  (mm) 0.5-5 0.5-5 0.5-5 0.5-5    
Power(kw) 22 30 37 45    
Dimensions (L× W ×H)(mm) 960×560×850 1632×1560×1180 2100×2060×1800 2500×2040×1800    

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