Robot Fertilizer Palletizer for Sale

    • Packaging Material: Plastic, Paper, Metal, Glass, Wood
    • Voltage: 380V/50HZ
    • Dimension(L*W*H): according to the workshop layout
    • Weight: it decided by the complete system layout
    • Pallet size: It is customized 1200×1200, 1200×1000, 1000×1000
    • Robot clamp: Designed according to products
    • Production capacity: Multi lines, 8s per cycle
    • Power: 17-25KW (380V/3P)
    • Equipment size: According to the designed layout

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In large scale npk compound fertilizer production lines, packing and palletizing is quite important in the whole fertilizer production line. The robot fertilizer palletizing equipment is specially designed for organic compound npk fertilizer plants with large production capacities. Equipped with one in your fertilizer plants, it will promote your fertilizer production efficiency at large.

Robot Fertilizer Palletizer for Sale in Large Capacity NPK Fertilizer Production Line

Why you need to buy a fertilizer palletizer for your business?

A fertilizer palletizer is a fertilizer machine that neatly stacks products onto a pallet quickly and efficiently. In the npk fertilizer production business, palletizing is an important process that requires greater attention to precision:

  • To ensure product safety and avoid accidents.
  •  For warehousing or delivery in the shortest possible time.
  •  Maximize the use of warehouse space.
  • Therefore, palletizers for fertilizer production help to store goods neatly and safely. In this way, it is possible to ship in large quantities and keep the number of packages as low as possible.

How does the palletizing machine work?

Palletizers can operate fully or semi-automatically. The fully automatic palletizer will be connected to a handling system that moves the goods or pallets to the target area. Semi-automatic palletizers require workers to move pallets to the desired location manually or with a forklift.

Palletizers have a sturdy frame structure with a robotic arm that slides vertically and horizontally, and a gripper on the robotic arm that transports goods from a storage point, such as the end of a packaging line, to a pallet. The robotic arm can translate along 4 Cartesian axes and move around its own vertical axis at the same time. When it descends to the height where it must grab the product, the gripper opens to pick up the product to be stacked and place it on the tray superior.

Palletizers follow a path defined during the design phase to place products on standard-sized pallets, or in locations specified in the designed palletizing scheme.

The operator uses a touch screen to set the conditions for the machine to perform work autonomously, which is much more efficient than manual operation.

Different types fertilizer palletizing equipment for sale

Cartesian Palletizer: Used where high-intensity working speed and high positioning accuracy are required. Such devices are simple, reliable, flexible and small in size. Suitable for many types of products.

Stacking palletizer: suitable for high production needs, it can move a whole layer of products onto the pallet, and the loaded pallet is extremely stable and compact.

Magnetic gripping heads: for palletizing metal products

Palletizing robot: suitable for a wide variety of industries, with precise, high-speed and flexible palletizing. Palletizing robotic solutions are available for special needs that require robust equipment, versatility and high throughput.

What are the advantages for your fertilizer plants with a palletizer

Any business that needs to manage a large number of pallets is suitable for investing in a palletizing system, which has huge economic and administrative advantages. Placing goods on pallets takes a lot of time and labor, which not only increases labor and economic costs, but also causes errors in palletizing. For this reason, numerous companies of all sizes in various industries use palletizing solutions to great advantage. Its advantages are:

  1. Reduce labor costs by 70%.
  2. Reduce management costs by 35%.
  3. Reduce work-related accidents.
  4. It is safer for workers to carry materials.
  5. 30% increase in yield without manual supervision.
  6. Completion time is always guaranteed.
  7. Make the most of space.

How to buy a suitable palletizing machine for your fertilizer production line?

We design fully automatic and semi-automatic palletizers in a variety of variants to meet the needs of all customers and to handle any type of bags, boxes or bundles with the highest precision. All palletizers we design have the following things in common: a high degree of customization, programmability and technological sophistication. The types of palletizers available from our factory are as follows:

  • Cartesian palletizer: features high reliability and high precision. Easy to place and highly customizable, making it the perfect solution for any production unit.
  • Stacker Palletizer: Ideal for high-volume handling of bags, cartons or bundles.
  • Palletizing Robot: An anthropomorphic palletizer for bags, cartons or bundles. Ideal for medium to high volume handling in tight spaces.
  •  Depalletizing system: is an automated solution for removing packages or cartons from pallets
  • Pick and place solutions: carton filling by anthropomorphic robots or traditional Cartesian solutions.

Fertilizer Pelletizers Main Technical Specifications

Assignment style


Horizontal transfer type


40 boxes/min
Process the product


Boxes, containers, cans,bags
Product conveyor belt height


Pallet conveyor belt height



Tray size


carton size


reference sample
stacking method


User provided
pallet stacking bin


15 pallets as a benchmark
total motor power


equipment weight



Equipment size



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