Natural Gas Burner for Sale

  • Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant
  • Weight (KG): 32
  • Video outgoing-inspection: Provided
  • Machinery Test Report: Provided
  • Control Mode: Double-Stage
  • Max Viscosity at 20℃: 6mm2/s (1.5 °E)
  • Electrical Supply V/HZ: Single-Phase 230V±10%/ 50/60HZ
  • Secondary Ignition Transformer: 230V-2*12KV 0.2-30mA
  • Pump Pressure (Bar): 10-20
  • Power Dissipation (KW): 0.700
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The natural gas burner is an auxiliary equipment for the fertilizer dryers. It provides heat or energy in the npk fertilizer drying process.  In our factory, we provide you high quality natural gas burners to help you dry your fertilizer products in a higher working efficiency. Detailed information about the burners are as follows.

The ultra-low nitrogen natural gas burner is a fully premixed micro-flame burner. It uses special metal fiber as the combustion on surface. Due to the uniform air permeability of the metal fiber fabric and the uniform premixing of gas and air, the combustion is very stable and the temperature distribution is very good. Uniform, high combustion intensity, the combustion intensity can reach 25001kw/㎡, the combustion is uniform. And it is difficult to form a local high temperature area, which effectively inhibits the generation of thermal NOX, achieves silent combustion, ultra-low emission effects, and achieves nitrogen oxide emissions below 30mg/m³.  According to the different output power, this combustion technology is gradually popularized and applied in recent years, and it is widely used in the field of npk fertilizer production.

Technical design highlights of our natural gas burner

  1. Ultra-low nitrogen emission:

Using surface premixed combustion technology, the combustion speed is fast, the flame is very short, and the residence time of combustion products is very short, which shortens the generation opportunity of thermal nitrogen oxides, NOX<30mg/m2.

  1. Special wire mesh:

Using seamless weaving technology, the wire mesh made of high temperature resistant special alloy wire is wrapped on the surface of the metal cylinder, and burns to form a short cluster flame, which has a long service life.

  1. Detachable stainless steel combustion head

The combustion head of the burner is designed to be detachable, which is convenient for later maintenance and cleaning. The outer casing of the combustion head is covered with stainless steel, which has strong corrosion resistance and prolongs the service life of the boiler.

  1. Quiet burning

The gas and air are pre-mixed evenly, forming a blue flame on the surface of the combustion cylinder, the combustion is sufficient, and the operation is silent.

  1. High thermal efficiency

The complete premixed combustion method is adopted, and the thermal efficiency is obviously improved compared with the conventional burner.

  1. Excellent thermal shock resistance

Made of alloy fiber, soft and impact resistant. The metal fiber carrier is stronger than the porous ceramic plate, is not afraid of cold-water shock, has a certain mechanical strength, and can be processed into any shape.

  1. Digital burner management system

The use of programmable controllers, independent fuel-air servo motors, friendly user interface, and precise fuel and air ratio control ensure the safety and reliability of full premixed burners.

  1. No need for secondary combustion

The burner of the ultra-low nitrogen full premixed burner is made of metal fiber braided materials imported from the world. When burning, it forms a short cluster flame, which can achieve the ultra-low nitrogen emission standard of nitrogen oxides without the need for a flue gas recirculation system.

    9. Wide application field

Metal fibers: The characteristics of infrared radiation and low pollution emissions of fully premixed burners make them used in many industries, apart from the npk fertilizer production industry, it also includes steam boilers, hot water boilers, food industry, textile industry, drying equipment, industrial furnaces, automobiles industry, glass manufacturing, engineering heating equipment and household ovens, iron and steel foundry, etc.

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