BB Drum Fertilizer Mixer for Sale

  • Production Capacity:30t to 60t per hour
  • Applicable Materials: fertilizer powder or granules for bulk fertilizer production
  • Industry Serviced:NPK Fertilizer Plant, Large Capacity Fertilizer Blending Plant
  • Installation Service:Provided
  • Leading Time:40days
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Fertilizer Mixer for Sale is the main equipment in the bulk blending fertilizer production plant. It provides well-mixed bb fertilizer granules raw material suitable for hardening. Drum mixers can be divided into gear transmission drum mixers and rubber tire transmission drum mixers. They mainly use mechanical force and gravity to mix various npk granules materials uniformly. By continuously mixing and blending, it increases the contact surface area of materials. In this fertilizer drum blending process, it promotes chemical reactions and physical changes in different based npk fertilizer granules. In order to improve the stirring effect and prevent sticking materials, a lifting plate and a lining plate (metal, wear-resistant rubber, oil-containing nylon, polymer materials, etc.) are installed in the cylinder. The rotary drum mixer produced by our factory has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable operation, high mixing and granulation efficiency, and is widely used in all walks of life.

Different types of bb rotary drum fertilizer mixer for Sale

The rotary drum blending machine is specially used for large capacity bulk blending fertilizer plant. The following are details of different types of rotary drum mixers for sale in our factory.

Gear drive drum mixer: The gear drive has the characteristics of large transmission torque and long service life, but the noise is large.

Rubber tire drive drum mixer: The rubber tire drive has the characteristics of smooth operation and low noise, but the rubber tire should be replaced frequently. The transmission device can be set in the middle or at both ends according to user requirements.

Customers can choose an available one for your npk blending plant based on your own fertilizer production requirements.

What is the main structure of the bb rotary drum blender?

The rotary drum mixer is composed of a cylinder, a rolling ring, a supporting wheel device, a transmission device, a lining plate, a lifting plate, etc.  Simple structural design in the bb fertilizer drum mixer machine will help you make npk blends at large capacity more efficiently.

Technical design highlights in the npk granules drum mixing equipment

  • Drum mixers are easy to inspect and clean.
  • There is a lift plate welded inside the barrel of the drum mixer, and there are no moving parts.
  • Rubber backing is made of rare earth oily nylon to prevent materials from sticking together.
  • Drum fertilizer mixer for sale has the characteristics of fast stirring speed, high stirring efficiency and low energy consumption.
  • The fixing bolts are not exposed. All are covered by the lining plate, not in contact with the material, to prevent the lining from falling off.
  • The base of the transmission is separate. Simple structure, light weight, easy installation and adjustment.

Rotary drum fertilizer blending equipment technical specifications

Model 2.8×10 3×9 3×10 3×12 3×13 3.2×13 3.4×14 3.4×16 3.8×15 4×14 4×16 4.4×16 4.4×20
Drum Dia.(m) 2.8 3. 3. 3. 3. 3.2 3.4 3.4 3.8 4. 4. 4.4 4.4
DrumLength(m) 10 9 10 12 13 13 14 16 15 14 16 16 20
Speed(r/min) 6.5-7
First Mixing Inclination 2.5°
Second Mixing Inclination 1.5°
First Mixing Capactiy(t/h) 180-230 160-250 180-270 180-280 200-450 250-500 275-520 280-550 300-560 350-700 430-860 440-880 500-980
Second Mixing Capactiy (t/h) 90-115 80-125 90-135 90-140 100-230 125-250 135-275 140-275 150-280 175-350 215-430 220-440 250-500
Motor Model Y315M2-6 Y3554-6 Y3555-6 Y3554-4 Y3554-4 Y4003-6 Y4005-6 Y4003-4 Y4502-6 Y4503-6 Y4504-6 Y5001-6 Y5003-6
Power(kw) 110 200 220 250 250 315 400 450 500 560 630 710 900
Gear Type Reducer ZSY500-22.4 ZSY500-22.4 ZSY450-22.4 ZSY560-28 ZSY560-28 ZSY560-18 ZLY630-18 ZSY630-28 ZLY630-18 ZLY630-18 ZLY710-18 ZLY710-18 ZLY820-18
Weight(t) 52 67 75 80 136 148 161 177 208 210 220 230 289
Rubber Tire Type Reducer ZSY560-63 ZSY630-63 ZSY630-63 ZSY710-90 ZSY710-90 ZSY710-63 ZSY630-22.4 ZSY630-22.4 ZSY710-22.4 ZSY710-22.4 ZSY710-22.4 ZSY710-22.4 ZSY820-22.4
Weight(t) 47 301
Spare Parts Material
Inling Plate Rare earth oily nylon
Gear 35 Siemens
Nozzle Stainless Steel

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