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NPK fertilizer is a kind of compound fertilizer that contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It is widely used in agriculture to provide nutrients for crops and improve soil fertility. However, NPK fertilizer also has some disadvantages, such as easy caking, low utilization rate, and environmental pollution. To overcome these problems, many fertilizer manufacturers use coating machines to add a protective layer on the surface of NPK fertilizer granules.

How does a NPK Fertilizer Coating Machine Work?

A coating machine is a device that applies a coating material (such as powder, liquid, or resin) to the surface of another material (such as NPK fertilizer granules) by spraying, dipping, or rolling. The coating machine can improve the physical and chemical properties of the coated material, such as appearance, solubility, stability, and resistance to moisture, heat, and corrosion.

NPK Fertilizer Coating Machine Working in Different Types of Fertilizer Production Line

Detailed NPK Coating Equipment Working Process

There are different types of coating machines for NPK fertilizer production, such as drum coating machine, disc coating machine, and fluidized bed coating machine. Among them, the drum coating machine is the most commonly used one. It consists of a cylindrical drum, a spray device, a heating device, a cooling device, and a discharge device. The working principle of the drum coating machine is as follows:

– The NPK fertilizer granules are fed into the drum from the higher end by a conveyor belt or a bucket elevator.

– The drum rotates at a certain speed and creates a rolling motion for the granules inside.

– The spray device sprays the coating material (such as powder or liquid) onto the surface of the granules evenly and continuously.

– The heating device provides hot air to dry the coating material and make it adhere firmly to the granules.

– The cooling device provides cold air to lower the temperature of the coated granules and prevent them from sticking together.

– The discharge device collects the coated granules from the lower end of the drum and sends them to the next process or packaging.

Why Use Coating Drums in Your NPK Production Line?

The advantages of using a drum coating machine for NPK fertilizer production are:

– It can effectively prevent the caking of NPK fertilizer granules and improve their storage stability.

– It can increase the brightness and roundness of NPK fertilizer granules and enhance their visual appeal.

– It can control the release rate of nutrients from NPK fertilizer granules and improve their utilization rate.

– It can reduce the dust emission and environmental pollution caused by NPK fertilizer production and application.

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