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If you are looking for a way to produce slow release phosphate fertilizer, you might want to consider using a disc pelletizer. A disc pelletizer, also known as a pan granulator, is a device that can transform fine powder materials into uniform, round granules. In this blog post, we will explain how a disc pelletizer works, what are its advantages, and how it can be used for phosphate fertilizer production.

Disc pelletizer working principle in granular slow release phosphate fertilizer production

A disc pelletizer consists of a rotating disc with a slight inclination and a rim to prevent the material from falling off. The disc is mounted on a sturdy base and driven by a motor. The material to be granulated is fed onto the disc, either continuously or batch-wise, and sprayed with a liquid binder, such as water or a solution of phosphoric acid. The binder causes the fine particles to stick together and form small nuclei. As the disc rotates, the nuclei roll along the disc surface and grow in size and weight due to the addition of more material and binder. The rolling motion also shapes the nuclei into spherical granules with a smooth surface. The size of the granules can be controlled by adjusting the disc speed, angle, feed rate, binder rate, and residence time. The granules are discharged from the disc when they reach the desired size and fall into a conveyor or a dryer for further processing.

Why use pan pellet making machine in slow release phosphate fertilizer production line

A disc pelletizer has many advantages over other types of granulation equipment. Some of them are:

– It can produce granules with a narrow size distribution and a high degree of roundness, which are desirable for slow release fertilizer products.

– It can handle a wide range of materials, including fine powders, sticky substances, and abrasive materials.

– It can operate at low temperatures and pressures, which reduces energy consumption and equipment wear.

– It can be easily scaled up from laboratory to industrial scale without changing the process parameters.

– It can be customized with various features, such as multiple feed ports, scraper blades, spray nozzles, and coating devices.

A disc pelletizer can be used for producing slow release phosphate fertilizer from various sources of phosphorus, such as rock phosphate, animal manure, bone meal, or recycled phosphates. The process typically involves mixing the phosphorus source with other ingredients, such as nitrogen, potassium, sulfur, micronutrients, and additives, to form a homogeneous powder. The powder is then fed to the disc pelletizer and granulated with a suitable binder. The resulting granules are dried and coated with a polymer or wax to enhance their slow release properties. The coated granules are then packaged and ready for use.

A disc pelletizer is an ideal choice for producing slow release phosphate fertilizer because it can produce high-quality granules that can gradually release phosphorus into the soil over time. This can improve crop yield and quality, reduce nutrient leaching and runoff, and protect the environment from eutrophication. If you are interested in learning more about disc pelletizers or other agglomeration equipment for fertilizer production, please contact us today.

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