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Binary np/nk fertilizer VS Ternary npk compound fertilizer VS multi npk

NPK compound fertilizer refers to complex fertilizers within two or three types of nutrients that plats need for growth. They are all called np fertilizer or npk fertilizer. There are mainly two kinds of compound fertilizers. One is the binary compound fertilizers, which contains two kinds of nutrients, like np, or nk. The other one is the ternary compound fertilizer which, compound to the former, include three kinds of nutrients npk that plants need. Besides containing n,p,k, the three nutrients, some fertilizers are also include types of micro nutrients, such kinds of fertilizers are named as multi compound fertilizers. Different types of compounds npk fertilizer, can be made by our npk fertilizer plant equipment with different compound fertilizer production technology.

Multi-functional npk compound fertilizer

Somme kinds of npk compound fertilizer also include some kinds of additives, such as Insecticides, water-retaining agents, drought-resistant agents, etc. Except to provide npk nutrients for plants growth, these types of fertilizers when applying theses agents, have other functions. To produce the multifunctional npk fertilizer, tehre are dedicated fertilizer production lines and turnkey project for your reference.

Low – Medium-High concentration compound fertilizer

Every kinds of npk fertilizer has npk nutrients. While, based on overall percentages of the N2-P2O5-K2O in the fertilizer, (each nutrient shall not lower than 4%) there are different types of concentration npk fertilizers. Different types of concentration compound fertilizers have total nutrients within the rage of 25% to 60%. When the total contents are in 25% to 30%, they are low concentration npk fertilizer. Nutrients within the content of 30% to 40% are called medium concentration compound fertilizer. High concentration compound fertilizers have nutrients over 40%. For customers, need to make compound fertilizers with different concentrations, such as npk-15-10-10, or npk-15-15-4 or npk-19-19-19, there are professional solutions and complete set of machines for your npk fertilizer production business.

What’s the forms of npk fertilizer?

There are two forms of npk. One is the solid forms, which include granular and powder forms. The other one is the liquid forms. In the fertilizer commercial market, there are mainly granular fertilizers. Thus, in our factory, we can provide you different types of granular npk fertilizer production machines and solutions for you.

How to make npk fertilizer?

When you get to know what is the npk fertilizer, the next step is to get to know the production process of npk fertilizer. In our company, we mainly provide you solutions to make granular fertiliser npk. About the npk granulation process, there are two methods available for you in our factory, one is the dry granulation process, the other is the wet granulation process. For more detailed solutions for your npk production plant project, welcome inquiry us now.

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