60t Per Hour Bulk Blending Fertilizer Production Line in Nigeria

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Are you looking for a reliable and efficient fertilizer production line for your business? Do you want to produce high-quality bulk blending fertilizer at a large scale? If yes, then you should consider the 60t per hour bulk blending fertilizer production line in Nigeria.

This production line is designed to meet the needs of large-scale fertilizer manufacturers who want to produce bulk blending fertilizer with different formulas and specifications. Bulk blending fertilizer, also known as BB fertilizer, is a kind of compound granular fertilizer that is mixed by several single fertilizers or compound fertilizers according to certain proportions. It has the advantages of simple production process, low cost, flexible formula adjustment, and wide application range.

The 60t per hour bulk blending fertilizer production line in Nigeria consists of the following main components:

– Automatic batching system: This system can automatically weigh and batch the raw materials according to the preset formula. It can handle up to 10 kinds of materials at the same time, and has high accuracy and efficiency.
– Belt conveyor: This conveyor can transport the batched materials to the next process smoothly and continuously. It has a large conveying capacity and low noise.
– BB fertilizer mixer: This mixer can evenly mix the batched materials in a short time. It has a novel design, high mixing efficiency, and low energy consumption.
– Rotary drum granulator: This granulator can granulate the mixed materials into uniform and round granules. It has a large production capacity, high granulation rate, and good product quality.
– Rotary drum dryer: This dryer can dry the granulated materials to reduce the moisture content and improve the hardness. It has a high heat utilization rate, low energy consumption, and stable operation.
– Rotary drum cooler: This cooler can cool the dried materials to prevent caking and agglomeration. It has a simple structure, high cooling efficiency, and low maintenance cost.
– Rotary drum screener: This screener can separate the qualified granules from the unqualified ones and return them to the granulator for re-granulation. It has a high screening efficiency, low noise, and easy operation.
– Coating machine: This machine can coat the qualified granules with some protective substances to improve their appearance and prevent moisture absorption. It has a reasonable structure, uniform coating effect, and low power consumption.
– Automatic packing machine: This machine can pack the coated granules into bags of different sizes and weights according to the requirements. It has a high packing speed, high accuracy, and low labor intensity.

The 60t per hour bulk blending fertilizer production line in Nigeria is a cost-effective and profitable investment for fertilizer manufacturers. It can produce various kinds of bulk blending fertilizers to meet the market demand and increase the income. If you are interested in this production line, please contact us for more details. We will provide you with professional guidance and customized service.

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