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If you are looking for a way to turn chicken manure into valuable fertilizer, you may want to consider investing in a 1t per hour chicken manure fertilizer production line. This is a complete set of equipment that can process chicken manure into granular organic fertilizer that can be used for various crops and plants. In this blog post, we will introduce the main components and features of this production line, as well as the benefits and advantages of using chicken manure as fertilizer.

The 1t per hour chicken manure fertilizer production line consists of four main parts: composting system, crushing system, granulating system and packing system. Let’s take a look at each part in detail.

Composting system: This is the first step of the production line, where the raw chicken manure is composted and fermented to kill harmful bacteria and pathogens, and to decompose the organic matter. The composting system includes a compost turner machine, which can mix and turn the chicken manure regularly to speed up the composting process and improve the quality of the compost. The composting time usually takes about 15 to 20 days, depending on the moisture and temperature of the chicken manure.

Crushing system: After the composting is done, the chicken manure compost needs to be crushed into fine powder for further processing. The crushing system includes a semi-wet material crusher, which can crush the compost with high efficiency and low dust emission. The semi-wet material crusher can also adjust the size of the output according to the needs of different customers.

Granulating system: The next step is to granulate the chicken manure powder into uniform and round granules. The granulating system includes a new type organic fertilizer granulator, which can make the chicken manure powder into granules with high granulation rate and no return material. The new type organic fertilizer granulator adopts a special design that can make the granules more compact and smooth. The granulating system also includes a rotary drum dryer and a rotary drum cooler, which can dry and cool the granules respectively to reduce the moisture content and increase the hardness of the granules.

Packing system: The final step is to pack the chicken manure granules into bags for storage or sale. The packing system includes an automatic packing machine, which can weigh and pack the granules automatically and accurately. The packing machine can also print the date, batch number and other information on the bags according to the customer’s requirements.

The 1t per hour chicken manure fertilizer production line is a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to convert chicken manure into high-quality organic fertilizer. By using this production line, you can enjoy the following benefits and advantages:

– You can save money on buying chemical fertilizers, which are expensive and harmful to the soil and environment.
– You can make use of your abundant chicken manure resources, which are otherwise wasted or polluting.
– You can improve the soil fertility and structure, and enhance the crop yield and quality.
– You can create a new source of income by selling your own organic fertilizer products to other farmers or customers.

If you are interested in buying or learning more about our 1t per hour chicken manure fertilizer production line, please feel free to contact us anytime. We will provide you with professional guidance and service, and help you start your own profitable fertilizer business.

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