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How to make powder fertilizer from straw waste?

If you are looking for a way to turn waste straw into valuable products, you may want to consider investing in a straw powder making machine. This machine can crush straw into fine powder, which can be used for animal feed, fertilizer, biomass fuel, or other purposes. In this blog post, we will introduce the working process of a straw powder making machine and some of its advantages.

A straw powder making machine consists of several parts, such as a feeding hopper, a crushing chamber, a cyclone separator, a dust collector, and a discharge port. The working process is as follows:

– First, you need to put the straw into the feeding hopper. The hopper has a screw conveyor that can transport the straw to the crushing chamber.
– Second, the crushing chamber has a high-speed rotating blade that can cut and smash the straw into fine powder. The size of the powder can be adjusted by changing the screen mesh.
– Third, the cyclone separator can separate the powder from the air flow and collect it in a bag. The air flow is then filtered by the dust collector to remove dust and impurities.
– Fourth, the discharge port can deliver the final product to a storage bin or a packing machine.

Some of the advantages of using a straw powder making machine are:

– It can save energy and reduce emissions by utilizing waste straw as a raw material.
– It can produce high-quality powder that has high nutritional value and good combustion performance.
– It can improve the efficiency and profitability of your farm or business by creating new products and markets.
– It can operate stably and reliably with low noise and vibration.

If you are interested in buying a straw powder making machine, you can contact us for more information. We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of various biomass machinery, and we can offer you customized solutions according to your needs.

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