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If you are looking for a way to produce organic npk fertilizer at a low cost, you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will show you how to use our equipment to make high-quality organic npk fertilizer from various raw materials, such as animal manure, crop residues, kitchen waste, etc.

Organic npk fertilizer is a type of fertilizer that contains nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K), as well as other micronutrients and organic matter. Organic npk fertilizer can improve soil fertility, enhance crop growth, and protect the environment. However, organic npk fertilizer is usually more expensive than chemical fertilizer, because it requires more processing and transportation.

That’s why we have developed a series of equipment that can help you make your own organic npk fertilizer at a favorable price. Our equipment includes:

– Compost turner: This machine can turn and mix the raw materials evenly and aerobically, which can speed up the composting process and reduce odors. Here is a picture of our compost turner in action:

![Compost turner](

Some of the benefits of using our compost turner are:

– It can save labor and time by turning large piles of raw materials automatically.
– It can improve the quality and efficiency of composting by providing sufficient oxygen and moisture.
– It can prevent the formation of anaerobic zones and pathogens by breaking up clumps and lumps.

– Crusher: This machine can crush the raw materials into small pieces, which can increase the surface area and facilitate granulation. Here is a video of our crusher working:


Some of the advantages of using our crusher are:

– It can handle various types of raw materials, such as straw, leaves, bones, shells, etc.
– It can adjust the size and shape of the crushed materials according to your needs.
– It can reduce the energy consumption and noise by using high-quality blades and motors.

– Granulator: This machine can make the crushed materials into uniform and round granules, which can improve the appearance and quality of the fertilizer. Here is a picture of our granulator and some of its products:


Some of the benefits of using our granulator are:

– It can produce granules with different diameters and shapes by changing the molds and parameters.
– It can ensure the stability and durability of the granules by using high-pressure extrusion technology.
– It can avoid dust pollution and waste by recycling the unqualified granules.

– Dryer: This machine can remove the excess moisture from the granules, which can reduce the weight and prevent caking. Here is a video of our dryer operating:


Some of the advantages of using our dryer are:

– It can dry the granules evenly and quickly by using hot air circulation system.
– It can control the temperature and moisture of the granules by using sensors and valves.
– It can save fuel and electricity by using renewable energy sources, such as biomass, solar, wind, etc.

– Cooler: This machine can lower the temperature of the granules, which can enhance the hardness and stability of the fertilizer. Here is a picture of our cooler and some of its products:


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