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If you are looking for a granulator that can produce high-quality NPK fertilizer without adding any water or binder, you may want to consider the double roller extrusion granulator. This granulator is a new type of dry granulation equipment that uses the extrusion force between two rollers to compact the materials into granules. The granules have high strength, good appearance, and uniform size. The double roller extrusion granulator is suitable for making NPK fertilizer with various formulas and concentrations. It can also be used to make other kinds of compound fertilizer, organic fertilizer, and bio-organic fertilizer.

The working principle of the double roller extrusion granulator is simple and easy to understand. The main components of the machine are two rollers with opposite rotating directions, a hopper, a feeding device, a transmission system, and a frame. The materials are fed into the hopper by the feeding device, and then they are forced into the gap between the two rollers by the hydraulic pressure. The rollers have many grooves on their surfaces, which can shape the materials into oval or pillow-shaped granules. The granules are cut off by a cutter at the edge of the rollers and fall down from the outlet. The granules are then screened and cooled by a rotary drum screener and a cooler.

The advantages of the double roller extrusion granulator are as follows:

– It can produce NPK fertilizer with high nutrient content and good physical properties.
– It can save energy and reduce production costs by avoiding the drying and cooling processes.
– It can protect the environment by reducing dust and waste water emissions.
– It can operate stably and reliably with low noise and vibration.
– It can be customized according to the customer’s requirements on capacity, formula, and granule size.

The double roller extrusion granulator is an ideal choice for NPK fertilizer dry granulation. It can help you improve your fertilizer quality and efficiency, and increase your profits. If you are interested in this machine, please contact us for more details. We will provide you with professional guidance and service.

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