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Coating equipment for wet granulation is a type of machinery that applies a thin layer of coating material to granules that are produced by wet granulation. Wet granulation is a process of joining multiple particles or grains together, typically using a binding agent, to obtain the physical properties needed for tablet compression or other applications. Wet granulation can be performed using different types of equipment, such as high shear mixers, low shear fluidized bed granulators, extruders, or agglomerators.

Coating equipment for wet granulation can be used for various purposes, such as:

– Enhancing the appearance, stability, or solubility of the granules
– Protecting the granules from moisture, light, or oxygen
– Controlling the release rate or site of action of the active ingredient
– Masking the taste or odor of the granules
– Improving the flowability or compressibility of the granules

Coating equipment for wet granulation can be classified into two main categories: film coating and sugar coating. Film coating involves spraying a thin layer of polymer solution or suspension onto the granules, while sugar coating involves applying multiple layers of sugar solution or syrup onto the granules. Film coating is more commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry today, as it offers advantages such as shorter processing time, lower cost, better uniformity, and less weight gain.

Some examples of coating equipment for wet granulation are:

– Accela Cota: A perforated drum coater that uses a patented air flow system to achieve uniform and efficient coating of granules
– Glatt Coater GC: A fluidized bed coater that uses a Wurster insert to achieve bottom spray coating of granules
– Hi-Coater: A fully perforated pan coater that uses a baffled mixing system to achieve uniform and gentle coating of granules
– Vector LDCS: A fluidized bed coater that uses a tangential spray system to achieve top spray coating of granules

Coating equipment for wet granulation is an important part of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process, as it can improve the quality, performance, and stability of the final product. Coating equipment for wet granulation should be selected based on the characteristics of the granules, the coating material, and the desired coating outcome.

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